7 Acre Lake

At 7 acres in size this lake is 7ft deep at the deepest point with the majority being 4-5ft. 100 yards wide from peg 4 to the far bank and the remainder 4 swims being 60-70 yards across. Rich, clean grey clay base, with some hard gravel patches & silt pockets make the lake bed. Weed beds do arise depending on each season but not in abundance. Marginal iris, horsetail, bulrushes, sedge & crack willow line the waters edge. 5 gravel pegs with interconnecting paths for 4 anglers max, fishing from one bank only to eliminate crossing lines and giving lots of far bank marginal hotspots, along with no Poisson chat make this the perfect small group venue.


A balanced stock of 200 fish reside in the lake with a lake record Mirror of 59lb 12oz, common of 58lb 14oz, Grassies to 40lb and an average weight of 32lb+. A small number of specimen fish of other species are present with Rudd & Roach to 3lb, Zander 12lb+, Perch 4lb+, Black Bass to 5lb & a few Tench to to 8lb. A hand selected stock of small numbers of in-house bred carp are added for a reason, and an odd single or double will come up on the catches, but when the beauty of these fish are seen, you will understand why these future stock fish are added. We are not solely driven by size and numbers of fish, condition and looks of the carp also play a huge part as can be seen from the gallery.

7 Acre Lake 7 Acre Lake 7 Acre Lake 7 Acre Lake