Hints & Tips

This page is designed to give you a little info for planning your trip, whether a first timer to France or a regular, you may find it helpful.

  • For the sake of some new line it is worth re-spooling your reels with quality 12-15lb mono, it's not worth losing the fish of a lifetime when you have waited all year to get here
  • Quality wide gaped hooks in size 6 min, these French fish have mouths like hippo's and even a size 6 looks like a match hook when they're in the net, it's all relative.
  • Instead of 4 anglers using 2 cars to travel here for the 7 acre lake booking, 3 anglers can fit in a car or van with careful planning, reducing the cost of fuel ferry for one car, making it a more economical trip.
  • Reduce equipment, full kitchen area provided so no need for cooking equipment, buy food at the local supermarket down the road from the Sanctuary, which has a similar choice and price as the UK, no need to carry water as it's provided onsite.
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  • We stock the best pellet money can buy with prices probably cheaper than most tackle shops and can be collected when you arrive.
  • Top box on a car can help to carry the rods, just leave them in rod sleeves and do away with the rod bag for space, no need to carry your equipment because it will be dropped off at your peg.
  • Trailer can help but will have to pay a fee with ferry companies.
  • If travelling from up North, book a room at the Premier Inn/Dover. If booked in advance the rooms are cheap and 3 lads can sleep
    in one room. There's a pub
    next door and good food,
    travel down Friday night then
    roll out of bed and catch the
    6am ferry, arrive with us for
    2pm, feeling fresh as a daisy.
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