These are enforced for the welfare of the Fish, Lakes and Anglers, and to maintain the wildlife, plants and vegetation. Any rules that are broken will result in an immediate ban and the end of your fishing week.

We have thought long and hard about these rules, taking into consideration numerous waters I have fished and the different rules applied to each. We have strong justifications for each one.

  • Microbarbed hooks only, no Korda curve shanks, bent hooks, long shanks & large barbed hooks allowed.
  • 1 metre of tubing has to be used on all rods, rigmarole, ESP, Korda all sell weighted tubing in this length.
  • No nuts allowed, no maggots, no Trout/Halibut pellets, only coarse or carp pellets allowed. There is a bait limit of 20kg Boilie/Pellet and 5kg particles per angler for the week (ie 25kg in total). No bait limit is in force on the 15 acre lake at present.
  • All unhooking mats, landing nets, weigh slings are provided for your use at the 'The Sanctuary' please do not bring any of these to the fishery. Any damage caused to this equipment will be subject to a standing charge of £50.
  • Carp Sacks are not allowed.
  • Use the bins provided by each swim
    for all your rubbish, including tea bags
    and cigarette butts.
  • Use the toilets provided, please do not use
    the bushes as this will not be tolerated.
  • No removal of plants, trees or marginal
    vegetation, if there is an obstruction
    hindering your fishing please inform us.
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  • Only fish from designated pegs.
  • Each angler is limited to 3 rods, and under
    sixteens are limited to 2 rods.
  • Please respect all other anglers and wildlife at 'The Sanctuary Fishery'. Loud noise and excessive drinking of alcohol will not be tolerated. We want to maintain the title 'The Sanctuary' so everyone can enjoy their fishing.
  • Please have all your stall set out ready, before lifting the fish out of the water, use plenty of water on the unhooking mat and on the fish when weighing and taking pictures, please return the fish to the lake a.s.a.p. This is especially important in the height of summer as it can get extremely hot. Only use the weigh sling provided to transport carp back to the water.
  • Safety rigs used at all times, if lead clips are used the swivel must pull free from the clip under "light" pressure. No Lock jaw/fixed swivels in lead clips to be used.
  • No Lead core, braided mainline or shock leaders of any kind to be used, including Korda safety leaders.
  • No camp fires.
  • No bait boats allowed.
  • No plastic baits of any kind including tipping with plastic corn.
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